AirServer is a “station-in-a-box” solution that is designed for TV stations of all sizes.
It combines playout, graphics and professional automation and flawlessly integrates into any workflow. With its intuitive, user friendly GUI and features you can not find with similar products, it makes a perfect choice for all environments.

AirServer package includes

  • Dual channel HD video playout in a 3RU case
  • Single channel automation
  • Playlist scheduling
  • Off-line CG editor

Air MasterAutomation
We are not selling a file player – our automation is a professional broadcast automation. Video router control is included as standard, allowing scheduling of live events (like satellite feeds) on playlist.

Optionally, playout automation can control tape players, receive commands from DTMF decoders for automatic insertions of commercial breaks, it controls external relays (GPOs) and also controls third party video servers – Leitch, 360 Systems, SeaChange, Omneon...

Automation comes with a separate playlist scheduling application which includes features like printing as-run reports or importing from third-party traffic systems.

Video Server
When it comes to playout, low-cost systems usually come with a number of limitations, like being able to play a file from the beginning to the end only. We've decided to change that and designed our playout module to match professional video servers.

Each clip is stored in database so you can add various metadata to it, it monitors user-defined video folders and automatically updates database if a clip is added, deleted or changed, it keys graphics layouts designed in the CG editor application and it also streams played video using Windows Media format.

Our graphics engine will not just insert logos. It will do much more: crawls, tickers, image sequences, digital clocks, still text...
For each item you can apply different effects like fade, blur, drop shadow, movement...
You can group multiple items and link them to one of 35 buttons. It can also collect weather data and display
automated weather reports. Design your layouts and just send them to the playout server. An off-line graphics editor is included.


Video server features

  • Dual channel HD playout
  • Supports Mpeg-2, Mpeg-4 and H.264 files
  • Mixes different file formats on the same playlist (SD/HD, Mpg, Mp4, Mov, Avi, Wmv, Jpg, Png...)
  • Up or down and cross conversion of files to match output settings
  • Windows media streaming
  • Playout of still images
  • Graphics overlays
  • VDCP support
  • Preview your videos on PC screen- saves you from buying SDI monitors

Automation features

  • Last minute drag-drop playlist editing
  • Router control – manual or through playlist
  • GPO (secondary) events for control of external devices
  • As-run reports
  • Metadata handling

Automation options

  • Control of third party video servers–Leitch, 360 Systems, SeaChange, Omneon...
  • Control of third party character generators
  • Integration with third-party traffic systems
  • VTR control
  • Reception of DTMF sent by network feed for automatic commercial insertion
  • Redundancy

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